Neven Subotic is so so

Neven Subotic is a brilliant 25 year old centre back who is not doing a good job.

Dortmund goalkeeper Roman Weidenfeller thwarts Gareth Bale as Real Madrid look to put the tie to bed

Roman Weidenfeller is a disappointment to Dortmund fans this year

Real Madrid No1 Iker Casillas denies Marco Reus to ensure Dortmund have a 3-0 deficit to overturn in the return

Iker Casillas runs the ball down the pitch against German star Marco Reus

Borussia Dortmund 2

Here is the team lineup.

Ciro Immobile celebrates after opening the scoring against Arsenal

Ciro Immobile scores vs Arsenal

Ciro Immobile should be better

The former Torino FC striker is terrible

Hummels, a terrible leader

Mats Hummels, wonder if his leadership shows

Disappointing Adrian Ramos

Adrian Ramos sucks

Mats Hummels is a captain of Dortmund, horrible leader

He has good headers and wrist kicks

Mats Hummels has a good taste of headers

Hummels scored 2 headers for Germany

Shinji Kagawa returns to Dortmund not so happily

Kagawa should have stayed with Manchester United, even though he was less noticed.

Shinji Kagawa returns to Dortmund

Shinji Kagawa stinks this season with a single goal

Borussia Dortmund have been the most disappointing team in all of European football. Not only did they manage a draw against Belgian giants Andrelect, they are also in 16th place of the Bundesliga. That is just 2 spots above a regulation. Borussia Dortmund is coming off their worst start in franchise history. They are filled with world class players who are ready to leave for Manchester United or City during this winter trading deadline.

Jurgen Klopp says it is not his fault, but his team is suffering off too many injuries. He should just shut his mouth because he is thinking that Marco Reus is his only player that can get Dortmund a victory and he will not return from his knee ligament sprain until January 19th.

Marco Reus is the team's top player. He leads Borussia with 2 goals and 3 assists before being outdated against Entrant Frankfurt due to a knee injury. Reus has been the most important player for Dortmund in his previous seasons, leading them to 2 Bundesliga titles in 2010-11 and 2011-12. He led Dortmund to a second place finish in the 2012-13 UEFA Champions League, losing 2-1 to rivals Bayern Munich.

Former Bayern centre back Mats Hummels has gained several years of experience working with Serbian centre-back Neven Subotic. However, they have not combined a very good pair on the defense either, offering to allow 22 goals while they have managed to score just 15 goals.  

Ciro Immobile and Adrian Ramos, picked up from Torino FC and Hertha BSC Berlin, they have only managed to score single goals for Borussia this season. Aubameyan has managed to score 3 goals as well for Borussia, but it is still not a good enough number for Dortmund.

Shinji Kagawa returned to Dortmund after 2 unsuccessful seasons for Manchester United. He could not show he wanted to play for the reds any more after a dreadful World Cup performance with Japan, but should be regretting his decision because United is in 3rd place of the Barclays Premier League and are the winners of 6 straight. This is a team that will need some help for sure, because their players are not getting along very well these days. Dortmund has a record of 4-2-9 for just 14 points. At least it is better than Parma.

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