Kaivan Ma closes his eyes to pick a gold player. Fortunately, he ends up with an 83 rated 2 footed free kick magician, Christian Eriksen. The Danish attacking midfielder has racked up several goals already for the Spurs and hopes to get on with a good start for Kaivan Ma FC as they are playing against The Fucking Shit FC.

Kaivan decides to build another Barclays Premier League team. He doesn't want to start off too fancy and selects an ordinary centre-forward Samuel Eto'o, who was a former world player and currently in debt for Everton. Wilfred Bony of Manchester City will play on the right. He decides to keep Ashley Young, who is brilliant with the right foot on the left side. Gareth Barry loses his right to play at central mid and is replaced by Eriksen, who is good with his right foot. Aidan McGeady is playing right mid while Adam Lallana will play as the attacking midfielder at centre.  Johnny Evans, Marcos Rojo, Chris Smalling and Phil Jones will defend with a full Manchester United all-round up. He will give his stars Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi a break for once.


Kaivan is ready to face off against The Fucking Shit FC.

What a player Wilfred Bony is

Bony is a benefit

Adam Lallana is good enough

Lukaku can score but so can Lallana

Christen Eriksen scores

Christen Eriksen scores

He is scary

Christen Eriksen shoots

Christen Eriksen is a good guy

Christen Eriksen scores

Christian Eriksen - Best free kick taker in the world - (9 FK goals in 9 months) - DANISH DYNAMITE !03:03

Christian Eriksen - Best free kick taker in the world - (9 FK goals in 9 months) - DANISH DYNAMITE !


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