This is the 2014 German World Cup roster that went on to win the World Cup. The Germans were not favourites coming into the tournament, placed in a group with Portugual, USA and the Ghana .

The Germans were smart coming to the firs
Miroslav Klose has scored 44 goals for Lazio

Miroslav Klose buries his rebound to get a 16th World Cup goal

t match in the group stage against Portugual and Cristiano Ronaldo. In the 4-0 win, right midfielder Thomas Muller

scored a hat trick. The Bayern Munich star opened the scoring on a penalty given by .He helped Real Madrid defender Pepe see a red card after an unsportsmanlike

Muller opens in 13 minutes

Thomas Muller opens the scoring against Brazil in 11 minutes of football

conduct. Muller scored his hat trick with assists from Andre Schurrle to lead

past the 1st game disappointed themselves against Ghana.Miroslav Klose tied Ronaldo Luis Nazario de Lima's record of 15 World Cup goals and Mario Gotze scored his first World Cup goal, but Andrey Ayew and Asmoah Gyan also had 2 goals to lead to a draw. In the final group stage, defeated the 1-0 with Thomas Muller scoring his 4th of a corner kick by Toni Kroos.

was 's opponent. In the match, Bayern goalkeeper Manuel Neuer had to make several challenges to Sporting Lisbon striker Ibraheem Slamani. Algeria were better on the attack throughout the first half, forming several rushes down the field with the German defence unable to come back quick enough. Luckily, in extra time, Andre Schurrle tipped a Thomas Muller cross past the Algerian goalkeeper. Moments later, Mesut Ozil slide one from Sami Khedira and into the empty net. Ibraheem Slamani's late goal gave little hopes, but took the time to get the game back on their heels. Unfortunately, the defenders were criticized for allowing into the offensive end too easily. This was not a mistake they wanted to make against 2006 World Cup runner ups .

Heading into the quarter finals, were lead by striker Karim Benzema and midfielder Mathieu Valbuena. Early in the match, defender Blaise Matuidi gave away a free kick in 13 minutes. Toni Kroos sent the ball for captain Mats Hummels, who deflected the ball past Tottenham Hotspurs goalkeeper Hugo Lloris for the winning goal that led to the semi finals.

was the next challenge that the Germans faced. Brazilian coach Luis Felipe Scolari wanted his team to play hard on the attack. However, he did not realize that the suspension and injury of captain Thiago Silva and left midfielder Neymar dos Santos Silva Junior was going to make it a difficult game for . were ready to play a defensive game, but perhaps didn't expect the most upside

down game in the history of football.
Real Madrid star defender Pepe is sent off after a head butt onto Bayern Munich's Thomas Muller

Pepe's red card helped Germany win Portugual

Marcelo Junior's early mistake that turned the ball over against Thomas Muller gave a corner kick in 11 minutes. Toni Kroos crossed for Thomas Muller, who volleyed the ball past Julio Cesar for a 1-0 lead. Less than 10 minutes later, Fernandinho's defensive error allowed Muller to shake free and pass to Miroslav Klose. The great SS Lazio striker watched Julio Cesar stop his first attempt, but the Toronto FC goalkeeper stood no chance on the rebound. Klose has broken a record with his 16th World Cup goal in his career. It was a 2-0 lead that would very troublesomely need to overcome.

2 minutes after the big goal by Klose, Thomas Muller set up Toni Kroos, who caught Fernandinho looking the wrong way. The defender used his left foot to blast the ball into an empty hearted Julio Cesar. Kroos scored right away after his first goal of the tournament, giving an unmistakable victory and a 4-0 lead after 25 minutes. Mesut Ozil set up Sami Khedira in 29 minutes to give the 5 goal advantage at half time. In the second half, Andre Schurrle scored 2 goals off assists from Phillip Lahm and Thomas Muller. Oscar's late goal for was meaningless and went on to play in the World Cup finals against .

The finals was not a very exciting match. Toni Kroos made 2 early giveaways that sent striker Gonzalo Higuain on a breakaway. Luckily, the striker missed both opportunities. Lionel Messi did not play brilliantly either. The FC Barcelona striker missed a free kick with 10 seconds left from a very good angle. Mario Gotze scored the winner of a cross

by Andre Schurrle that beat Sergio Romero to give their 4th World Cup title. 
Mario Gotze celebrates his winning goal

Mario Gotze scores the most important goal of 2014

Germany-Portugal Tactics

Germany built a strong 4-3-3 formation against Portugual

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