Ashley Young kicks

Ashley young is a finesser

Manchester United lose due to Blackett

Tyler Blackett is sent off

Rafael and Rooney demand on Blackett's dismisall

Tyler Blackett's red card is clear

Gary Cahill is dismissed

Gary Cahill is dismissed early

Kaivan Ma lines up his team for a match against Chelsea FC. The opponent is using Jose Mourinho as the manager. The English giants are using a formation of 4-4-3 Attacking. Diego Costa will start as a centre-forward while Eden Hazard and Willian will play behind him on the wing. Oscar will play ahead of defensive midfielders Nemanja Matic and Cesc Fabregas. Cesar Aplizecueta will play left back while Branislav Ivanovic plays on the right. Thibault Courtois get's the start for Chelsea and this game is ready to get underway.

KFC kick off first today. Phil Jones is filling in for the suspended Chris Smalling at centre-back while Tyler Blackett, normally a left foot will be right-back for once. KFC play hard on the attack and lose an edge early. Aidan McGeady slips on the wet grass and Eden Hazard intercepts the run. The Belgian left-wing skilfully skips past a sliding Tyler Blackett and rainbows past Phil Jones. The two-footed midfielder swings a cross for Diego Costa, who heads the ball back for Nemanja Matic. The left-footed defensive midfielder taps a hard volley towards Anders Lingaard. The shot looks unstoppable. Johnny Evans provides a diving header at the ball, to slow it down for Lingaard. Kaivan Ma breathes a sigh of relief after Chelsea sees early threat the open the scoring.

KFC continue play along the left wing. Ashley Young skips past Ivanovic but get's tackled by Gary Cahill to win a free kick at the edge of the penalty box. The right-footed asshole crosses the ball with his left foot for Wilfred Bony to head. The Manchester City centre-forward fails to get a good job done and watches Courtois catch the ball with ease. Chelsea runs back with less than 5 minutes before half time. John Terry's cross for Eden Hazard is stopped by the hand of Tyler Blackett. The black confesses that it was an accidental play, but the ref gives him a booking. Blackett swings his arm in frustration, catching Ivanovic. The ref immediately shows the second booking, ending Blackett's night and leaving it as a good chance for Chelsea's advantage. Fabregas spoons his free kick and Chelsea end the first half in a scoreless draw.

Kaivan Ma get's a better view of his team in the second half. He substitutes loaned striker Loic Remy for Samuel Eto'o and left-footed right wing Erik Lamela for Aidan McGeady. In the second half, Chelsea look rather tired than willing to score some goals. A lousy giveaway by John Terry leads to some serious fore-checking by KFC. Lamela flies a cross with the left foot to a wide opened Loic Remy, but the striker is tackled by Gary Cahill. The ref gives Cahill the red card and a penalty in front of Courtois. Ashley Young chooses to take it. The black winger sends a left-footed shot through Courtois, diving the wrong way to frustrate himself.

The game looks well controlled by KFC, but an opportunity at the end of the match for Chelsea seems scary. Christen Eriksen fails to send a good cross for Ashley Young and Cesc Fabregas sends the ball the opposite direction. He catches Oscar, dodging a few opponents to reach Costa. The Spanish striker shoots with his left foot and Lingaard saves it, but Evans fails to clear the rebound. Matic get's the second foot to tie the game in injury time, ending the hopes of a victory for KFC.   

Some guys can score like Matic

Matic scores


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