It's testimony to a fluid German front three who caused problems all game for Cristiano Ronaldo & Co. Mario Gotze and Mesut Ozil were deployed down the left and right respectively, although

Mario Gotze scores with Khedira

Arjen Robben reacts after losing loudly to Argentina

Arjen Robben scores

Franck Ribéry in action with Antonio Valencia (right) of Manchester United during their UEFA Champions League quarter-final second leg

Franck Ribery is good

Bastian Schweinsteiger fires Bayern level midway through the second half

Bastain Schweinsteiger scores

FC Bayern 8-0 vs Hamburger SV Fuck06:31

FC Bayern 8-0 vs Hamburger SV Fuck


KFC look for a way to get their 4th point of the season. Kaivan is using the same squad as the same, although he is making some adjustments. He recently acquired Stewart Downing from West Ham for 900 and Jermaine Defoe of Sunderland AFC for 1800. They will be playing in their respective positions of striker and right-wing today. Kaivan is playing his 6th game of the Online Division 5. He knows that another loss will mean regulation to stay in the same division.

However, Bayern Munich have other plans waiting. They are lining up head coach Josep Guardiola to guide the Germans to a victory. He decides to use Robert Lewandowski as the centre-forward, Arjen Robben on right wing and Frank Ribery on the left. Mario Gotze will play attacking midfield and Phillip Lahm and Bastian Schweinsteiger will be playing behind Gotze at central mid. David Alaba and Rafinha are assigned to play full-back while Dante and Mendhi Benatia will play centre-back protecting goalie Pepe Reina.

FC Bayern kick off this match. Their strong bodies make it difficult for KFC to win ball possession. Bayern does such a good job that right winger Arjen Robben is forced to dive after a fair Chris Smalling tackle. The referee sees nothing wrong with the call, but awards the free kick anyway. Robben's free kick is right on goal, but Benatia fails to turn away the rebound on the empty cage.

Stewart Downing forces a turnover at midfield and allows Franck Ribery to glide past several KFC players to cross one with his left foot towards Mario Gotze. The German youngster plays the ball off his shoulder and shoots towards Lingaard with his left foot. However, Chris Smalling reaches his hand to cover it from crossing the line. The referee has no other option but to reward a penalty, fortunately, Smalling only get's a booking.

Robben misses the penalty off the crossbar, but Franck Ribery's rebound goes past Lingaard. The referee's assistant waves his flag signalling the offside. With 15 minutes left before half time, Franck Ribery turns a quality scoring chance. The midfielder takes a hard run towards the net and his left footed strike his blocked by Lingaard. On the ensuing corner, the French international finds Phillip Lahm, who wins the header against Phil Jones and balances a great ball for Dante. The Brazilian centre-back finds himself wide open and gives a left-footed striker past Marcos Rojo for a 1-0 Bayern Munich lead after 45 minutes of football.

With 55 minutes left of regulation, Stewart Downing's cross fails to reach Bony so sub Jerome Boateng whistles a ball forward for Arjen Robben. The left-footed right-winger flies past Marcos Rojo, Chris Smalling and Phil Jones. He rainbows a ball past Lingaard and feeds for Lewandowski, who sends it back to Robben for a 2-0 lead.

With 20 minutes left, Bayern score again. Mario Gotze wins a penalty on the left wing and is subbed off for Thomas Muller. The German midfielder snaps the pall to the right hand side past Lingaard, who dives the wrong way for a 3-0 lead. The possession reads 87-13 for FC Bayern. Kaivan is frustrated as Bayern hold to eliminate KFC from the tournament.
Mario Gotze celebrates his winning goal

Mario Gotze scores for Bayern


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