Xabi Alonso is composed at penalties

Alonso scores for KFC

Villa can score

David Villa and Ramos switch

Adrian Ramos with BSC Hertha

Ramos was good

Another goal for Reus

Marco Reus big goal

Didier Drogba fails to catch Franck Ribery

Frank Ribery is strupped by Drogba

Marco Reus is two-footed

Reus has amazing free kick accuracy

Marco Reus ►Borussia Dortmund Free Kicks, Skills & Goals HD 1080p

Marco Reus ►Borussia Dortmund Free Kicks, Skills & Goals HD 1080p


Kaivan Ma knew that his team was ready to play a difficult squad from Germany. Using Ronaldo Koeman as his manager, Kaivan has decided to use Lionel Messi as his centre-forward alongside David Villa Sanchez. Cristiano Ronaldo will play left-midfield, Xavi Hernandez and Xabi Alonso will play defensive midfield as Ivan Rakitic will play on the right side of the wing. Marcelo will play as the left-full back, Javier Mascherano on the left centre-back and Diego Godin as right-centre half. Dani Alves, a very expensive transfer from FC Barcelona will play as the right-wing back for Kaivan. Claudio Bravo will start in goal as Kaivan feels his team is ready for action against the very good side from Germany.

As for La Bundesliga All-Stars, they lined up Robert Lewandowski and Klass-Jan Huntelaar on the strikeforce. Arjen Robben was chosen to play right-wing while Marco Reus plays on the left. Bastian Schwensteiger and Phillip Lahm will center midfield. Mario Gotze will play as an attacking midfielder for Huntelaar and Lewandowski. Jerome Boateng, Benedik Howedes and Mat Hummels will play as defenders, all centre-halves for the match. Roman Weidenfeller is starting in net with Manuel Neuer on the bench.

The match begins with Cristiano Ronaldo serving a cross for Lionel Messi in the opening 6 minutes. A very accurate touch by Lionel's head forces the ball to hit Weidenfeller. Just before crossing the line, Mats Hummels makes a brilliant clear to keep the game a draw at nothing. 3 minutes later, Cristiano Ronaldo comes down the left again, crossing for David Villa, who leaves a ball back for Messi, but the Argentine striker is pressured by Boateng and Hummels and floors his attempt.

Kaivan Ma FC do a very good job in the attacking end, but when it comes to defense, they need better guys back than Javier Mascherano. The centre-back gives the ball to Arjen Robben, who makes a run down the field. Marcelo and Mascherano make their way back quickly while Diego Godin makes a sliding tackle. Robben crosses the ball with his weaker foot to Marco Reus. The left winger chips the ball past Claudio Bravo, who has no chance of stopping the ball.

Kaivan Ma FC fight for their way back. This is a match between two great teams. Dani Alves' cross for David Villa is headered away by Howedes, but Lahm's clear fails. Unluckily, Ronaldo can't put the ball into the open net. The midfielder holds his head in frustration.

As the second half begins, Ronaldo manages to run past Schwensteiger on the left-wing and past Jerome Boateng. Then, the midfielder makes a long pass to David Villa. The striker launches a left-footed strike but fails to beat Weidenfeller. Hummels' clear only reaches for Godin, but the centre-back's long shot fails to hit the target. Kaivan Ma is furious and tells his team they need to make sure that the defensive midfielders come forward when they are attacking.

The new plan works. Adrian Ramos replaces David Villa in 64 minutes. Arda Turan replaces Cristiano Ronaldo. The midfielder is not happy, but knows it is the only way to benefit his team. The substitution is helpful to the club. Marcelo's long run is reached by Turan, who crosses to Ramos. The striker bats the ball to Messi, who digs his right-footed ball past Neuer and into the empty cage. The crowd celebrates at Anfield. A goal at last.

The tying goal gives Kaivan Ma FC more hope for goals. Ivan Rakitic's long cross into the box for Xavi is headered away by Reus, who only reaches Xavi. The midfielder takes a long curve with his right foot and fools Manuel Neuer yet again. 2-1 for the home side. What a match so far.

In 78 minutes, Robben makes a long run for substitute Frank Ribery. The midfielder is tackled by Diego Godin in the penalty area. It is a clean foul without error. The ref books Godin and Robben scores the penalty. It is 2-2 once again.

Luckily, in injury time, Kaivan Ma FC get a break. A dead tired Ivan Rakitic's cross hits the hand of Frank Ribery in the area. The referee gives KFC a penalty anyway. Xabi Alonso steps up to take the pen. The midfielder scores with ease and KFC win the game, 3-2 for 3 points and a free transfer of a gold player rated 80-83.