Thiago Silva - The Ultimate Defender PSG03:12

Thiago Silva - The Ultimate Defender PSG

FIFA 15 Pack Opening - THIAGO SILVA IN A PACK! Shit02:22

FIFA 15 Pack Opening - THIAGO SILVA IN A PACK! Shit

Zlatan Ibrahimovic Best Goals Ever PSG HD13:55

Zlatan Ibrahimovic Best Goals Ever PSG HD


Kaivan Ma brings his football team to Anfield, Liverpool for a big match against The Fucking Shit FC. The opponents are extremely talented. They have several world class players along with few Real Madrid big names as well. Kaivan knows his team will have a very difficult time facing the opposition.

The swearing opponents line up Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Radamel Falcao to form a strikeforce partnership. They are also using Neymar and Gareth Bale on either sides of the wing, hoping for some fancy finesses. Wesley Sneijder and Rafael Van der Vaart, former Real Madrid and world-class players are playing at central midfield for this match. On defense, Giorgio Chilleni will play wingback along with Dani Alves while Mats Hummels and Thiago Silva will defend goalkeeper Hugo Lloris. The Fucking Shit FC also have lined up Ibrahimovic and Sneijder to free kick with the right foot while Van der Vaart and Chilleni with their left.

The game begins and things start off well for KFC. Johnny Evans breaks up a fancy play from Gareth Bale and turns the ball the opposite direction. Ashley Young moves in on the left wing and finesses the ball towards Hugo Lloris in attempt of a goal. The French captain manages to get a glove but it still manages to fly past. 1-0 for the visitors.

The home team is hungry for a return. In 18 minutes, Johnny Evans is caught for handball on playmaking from Dani Alves. Rafael Van der Vaart's delivery is headed by Neymar for Chilleni, but the Italian fails to put the ball away with his right foot. Neymar gives a fancy corner that Thiago Silva get's the header of, going into the empty cage. Whether this play was fortunate or unfortunate, Johnny Evans sticks out his hand to block the ball from crossing the line. The referee sees no reason to keep the centre-back on the field and shows a second yellow. Zlatan Ibrahimovic steps up to take the penalty. He fakes to go left, then goes right. Too late for Anders Lingaard. He cannot reach the ball and Ibrahimovic evens the game at 1 goal apiece.

The score stays even until the second half. In the 59th minute, the home side receives a free kick after a foul by Marcos Rojo. Ibrahimovic sends the ball towards the defensive walls and Smalling is hit on the neck. The ref mistakes that it hits his arm and sends off the English centre-back. Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi replace Ibra and Falcao. Thiago Silva puts the penalty away and the game ends 2-1 for the Fucking Shit FC.

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