Kaivan Ma was very excited to start his FIFA 15 Ultimate Team career. He was one of the best in 2014, finishing 1st amongst all FIFA 14 Ultimate players on Earth. Kaivan had the expectations to finish 1st amongst all players again.

Kaivan pi
Kaivan Ma FC Team 1

Kaivan Ma FC

cked a Spanish Ultimate Team for his starting squad. Here is his starting squad. He received 1 gold players, 1 silver player and 40 bronze players. Here is his starting lineup for his opening match against Juventus FC:

So, Kaivan Ma realized he didn't get the team he got last year and wasn't very happy. His best player ended up as a 75 rated player, Luke Shaw, left wing back of Manchester United. Everyone has a 45 game contract before it expires. His top silver player, Wang Shangyuan is starting off on the bench against Juventus FC, a four star rated team. De Tomas and Joselu from the Spanish Liga 2 are starting on the strikeforce. Most of his players are of Spanish decent.

Luke Shaw chases the ball

Luke Shaw

James Wilson is a left footed

James Wilson

Luke Shaw scores a goal

Luke Shaw

James Wilson scores against QPR

James Wilson scores

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