Opening Packs

Kaivan Ma bought 82 000,000 FIFA Points. He decided to spend them on Jumbo Rare Gold Packs, which cost 50 FIFA Points each. Each pack contains 20 gold items and 7 rare items.

Kaivan opened his first pack. The items are shown below:


LM Ashley Young (79)

LM Andre Schurrle (81)

LB Fabio Pereira da Silva (77)

CM Tim Cahill (74)

RB Fabian Johnson (72)

In this pack, Kaivan got a lot of Barclays Premier League players. He will most certainly switch Ashley Young on the left mid and Tim Cahill as a central midfield instead of Albert Riera. He will leave Andre Schurrle on the bench after being ineffective for Chelsea in the 2014-15 Premier League season. In Kaivan's opinion, Young can finesse the ball better with his right foot and can cross the ball with either foot. This is Kaivan's first pack.

Kaivan opened his second pack. Here are the important items:

CB Rio Ferdinand (79)

RW Lucas (82)

CDM Xabi Alonso (84)

GK Joe Benedik (69)

CM Tom Cleverly (77)

Kaivan received a lot of stars in this pack. Rio Ferdinand of the Queen's Park Rangers will benefit his team on the centre back. Lucas of PSG will play right midfield while Xabi Alonso, his best player so far, will play Tim Cahill's position. Joe Benedik will take over as goalkeeper while Tom Cleverly will sit down on the bench.

Kaivan opened his third pack. See his important items:

LM Andrey Ayew (78)

CAM Javier Pastore (78)

ST David Villa (80)

ST Adrian Ramos (79)

These are the gold players Kaivan got. He can switch spots for Pastore and Ayew, but he has found new strikeforce partners with David Villa and Adrian Ramos filling in for the 2 bronze Spanish forwards right now.

Kaivan opened his fourth pack:


CB Tomas Vermaelan (79)

CDM Gareth Barry (80)

CF Landon Donovan (77)

This is Kaivan's final pack opened today. He will be ready to play an online season division 5 next game, in beginner mode. He will play a formation of 4-4-2, with Villa and Ramos on the strikeforce, Ashley Young on left mid, Alonso and Pastore on central midfield while Lucas will play on the right.

Luke Shaw will continue to lead left back, while Ferdinand and Tomas Vermaelan will play centre-back. They don't have a superbly good right-wing back, so Kaivan decides to use Fabian Johnson before looking upon Dani Alves in the transfer market for 13 thousand.
Ashley Young was less impressive before

Ashley Young was impressive in a 3-1 win over Newcastle

Ashley Young battles Joah Boswinga

Ashley Young bicycles the ball

Ashley Young crosses the ball

Ashley Young crosses against Newcastle

Andre Schurrle crosses

Andre Schurrle crosses on the left midfield

Andre Schurrle then put the Blues ahead

Andre Schurrle and Ashley Cole are not worthy in FIFA 15

David Villa scores

David Villa will benefit the Kaivan Ma FC