IMG 1632

Wayne Rooney celebrates his goal with Lionel Messi

IMG 1633

Wayne Rooney misses a clear opportunity

IMG 1634

Lionel Messi scores a fair goal

IMG 1637

Crystal Palace score past Manchester United goalie de Gea

IMG 1642

Wayne Rooney scored 2 goals to give Manchester United a 5-2 win past Crystal Palace

IMG 9104

Alexandre Pato scores a great goal




         Real Soccer 2012 is a game designed for football fans! The game is designed for Spanish striker David Villa. Real Soccer 2012 features a bunch of different games including the English Football League Championships and the FIFA World Cup. There are several teams, real football teams.

         Real Soccer 2012 has everything very realistic. The players are hand drawn very nicely and the teams have their players from the 2010-11 season or starting the 2011-12 football year. Every player is known by their last name and the team names and players are almost all written in English. However, in the Major League Soccer, La Liga, Bundesliga and their second divisions, the players must be renamed. For example, Barcelona's Lionel Messi is named Lionel Sarime.

           In Real Soccer 12, you will be able to design your own teams and your own players. There are different categories in editor where you can edit all the football clubs and players. You can create a scenario by pressing into scenario and creating a game between two teams.

          Real Soccer 12 features a variety of game options. There are cup competitions involving the FIFA World Cup, European National Cup and Copa America. It is an easy way to earn big bucks. You get 3 big bucks for finishing 1st in every league. There are 20 leagues with 38-44 games each season.

        You earn coins and big bucks to  purchase different items that will help you in Real Soccer 12. The biggest thing to unlock are Classic Players, for 170 big bucks and Season Club Masters, for 50 big bucks.

         Season Club Masters is an extra league you can play in to build a dream team with one of the best clubs in the world. You will need everything, a transfer card for good transfers and other things for your benefit in Season Club Masters. SCM is a very good league to play in. However, you must spend big bucks on everything and it does not really work. To do Seasons Club Masters, you should just settle all the best players on your team in editor so it is easier.

          This is the great game of Real Soccer 2012. It is very fun, but you will need to go to editor to recognize some players. Have lots of fun in Real Soccer and get to the top level!

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