2nd booking for a frustrated Villa, red card

David Villa is usually in the booking list

Liverpool captain and midfielder Steven Gerrard accepts a yellow card

Steven Gerrard was the man that put it all together for Liverpool

Atleticeo Madrid 0 Barcelona 7

FC Barcelona beats Atletico Madrid 7-0 with Arda Turan failing a night


     Real Soccer 2012: Controls, Rules and More

            Real Soccer 2012 is very easy to play. During a match, there are 3 buttons. The button at the very top says "Pass" and there are two more buttons on the bottom of the game. The button that is second from the right is the "shoot" button and the button at the very bottom right is "sprint". When your team is chasing the ball, you will notice the buttons at the top will change to "press" in order to steal and the shoot button will change into "tackle" for you to challenge. It is completely up to you to decide which buttons to press. Real Soccer 2012 has a bunch of rules that dedicate to football. The referee has a right to hand out free kicks and penalties along with yellow and red cards. You have a 17 man team and is allowed 3 substitutions a game. Offsides are very present in Real Soccer 2012. These are the rules and basics for RS12. 

                       The Competitions: International Cup

        In Real Soccer 2012, the first competition that you will get to is the International Cup. It is the exact same thing as the FIFA World Cup, only with a different name. In the International Cup, you can select any country that you want to represent. There are 32 teams qualifying for this tournament. The top 2 teams from each group make it to the knockout round of 16. The International Cup continues going down to the quarter-finals, the semi finals and the International Cup finals. If your team can't make it to the International Cup finals, you will not achieve anything in your award box. If you make it to the finals and finish the match, you will be awarded 5 big bucks. If you win the competition, you will be given 6 big bucks. You can play the International Cup several times if you want to earn extra big bucks. The International Cup is likely the most important competition of Real Soccer 2012.


     The Competitions: European National Cup

 The only other competition that you can play before winning any awards at all is the European Cup. You can select any nation from Europe and represent them for a tournament. There are 16 clubs qualifying, so there is a 3 game group stage, a quarter final knockout stage, a semi-final, and a final between the top 2 teams. You are rewarded once you win the European National Cup with 5 big bucks. You automatically get 4 for making it to the Euro Cup Finals, and you get an extra for winning the tournament. This is a lot of fun!

            The Competitions: Asian Cup

 After you have won the International Cup, you will be able to unlock the Asian Cup. The Asian Cup is a very small competition, where you are just trying to win 3 games to take the title. There is a quarter-final round, a semi-final knockout and the finals between the top two clubs. If you finish the tournament, you get 1 big buck. However, if you win the tournament, you get an extra big buck. Only the Asian nations will compete to see who is the best. Japan is the defending champions and have Honda and Shinji Kagawa leading their way, but you must try to do win too!



              The Competition American Cup

The American is another very simple cup to win. You can represent yourself as any team from North or South America and play just a 3 game tournament to win. You do not have to play in  the group stage and can qualify for the quarter finals. You play until the end, so you can earn 2 big bucks only if you win the title. The defending champions are the USA. You get a single big buck for losing the finals. This is a very good tournament for Uruguay too!

          The Competitions: African Cup Of Nations

 The African Cup of Nations is the second most expensive cup to unlock. You can't unlock it by winning competitions, you can only do so if you pay in $25 big bucks. The African Cup Of Nations might be the least recognized cup competition in the cup competition. The competition is highly favoured for Egypt to win every time. Almost every team has the player names translated to a different language. Cameroon is the highest rated nation in this competition. The African Cup Of Nation is a competition where you begin from the quarter finals round. You get 3 big bucks for this win.

          The Competitions: Other Clubs/ Champions League

The Other Clubs cup is the competition that you can unlock for free only if you are lucky. Sometimes, when you are near 40 big bucks and you won the Euro Cup for the second time, you can unlock the Other Clubs competition. The defending champions are the Doncaster Rovers. You can play with every European club, but only limited clubs from South America and non from Oceania, Africa and North America. The best teams from Other Clubs include Galatasaray (Istanbul C), Olympiakos (Athentiakos), Endihoven (PSV Endihoven), Ajax AFC (Amsterdam), Rotterdam (Rotterdam Feynerood), Moscow (CSKA Moscow) and Donestek (Shatkar Donestek). The Other Clubs competition is a 13 game competition. You are in a group with 3 other clubs. You will play each club once, on the road and at home before the round of 16. You will play a road game and home game each before reaching the finals. The finals is a one game contest and it will head to extra time if you can't finish to win it in full time. The other games never go to an extra time period, if the teams can't score in either games, they will measure who has a higher amount of ball possession. After you win the competition, you get 8 big bucks.

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