When you go to the Real Soccer 12 for the first time ever, you will be led by an arrow to complete your first game. You will be completing the FIFA World Cup, or what the game calls it, the International Cup. You can select any country to start your tournament. You will press kick off and you will realize, that you start with 100 stamina every day. Once you have kicked off, you will lose 50 stamina. Once you have completed your first game, you will pass levels 1-3 and unlock the Barclays Premier League. The arrow will lead you to the shopping place. You will spend 2000 coins on a classic ball. After your purchase, you will be given your first 5 bucks. This is your first start to Real Soccer 12. 

IMG 0055

Gonzalo Higuain celebrates with Angel Di Maria

IMG 0056

Sergio Aguero plays brilliant on the left striker

IMG 0060

Van Buyten pushes the ball into his own goal

IMG 0052

Lionel Messi and Sergio Aguero were good strikers

IMG 0049

Lionel Messi scores

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